2017 Student Awards

Each year Wasatch Academy hosts awards ceremonies to celebrate the many accomplishments of students. “It’s important that we take time to recognize those students who are going above and beyond in their efforts to advance their academic careers by taking full advantage of Wasatch Academy’s mission to develop students into leaders for a diverse and global society,” said Head of School Joseph Loftin. “The number and scope of awards presented this year is a testament to how our students continue to raise the bar in their scholastic pursuits.”

The formal and casual award ceremonies included a wide variety of awards designed to recognize academics, community engagement leadership, student involvement, and other achievements.

English Department Awards – Outstanding Academic Achievement

English I – Lina Bosse, Micah Inglish, and Corbin Zentner
English II – Gabi Wackford, Karuna Loftin, Namgyal Chonyi, Vanessa Medina, Maseeh Exeer,
and Sadie Hart
English III – Nikki Flowers, Diana Jauregui, Charles Kofford, Michael Pierce, and Camilla Taysi
English IV – Clarence Hecker, Ethan Varga, and Jason Hunt
Creative Writing – Clarence Hecker and Gabi Wackford
AP Language – Hannah Dawson and Teagan Ahlers
AP Literature – Christa Ishimwe and Stella Roth


Social Studies Department Awards – Outstanding Academic Achievement

Global Studies I – Will Austin, Sam Wood, and Logan Hooper
Global Studies II – Namgyal Chonyi, Karuna Loftin, and Tenzin Norzom
US History – Charles Kofford, Camilla Taysi, Stella Roth, Teagan Ahlers, Johnny Foster,
and Fatoumata Diop
Vietnam History – Sadie Hart
Model UN – Sera Savas
Museum Curation – Clarence Hecker
Economics – Clarence Hecker and Clista Galecki
Global Issues – Hannah Dawson and Ellie Lackey
AP US History – Ben Cottam
AP European History – Juniper Wolf
AP US Government – Johnny Foster

Math Department Awards – Outstanding Academic Achievement

Algebra I – Emanuel Garcia Flores, Cole Jessee, and Brilee Kendall
Algebra II – Gabi Wackford, Avery Wade, Charles Kofford, Karuna Loftin, and Maseeh Exeer
Geometry – Purity Kattam, Camilla Taysi, and David Cottam
Precalculus – Isaac Hascall, Corbin Zentner, Andy Wu, and Kayla Xu
Calculus – Ignacio Diaz-Silverio
AP Calculus AB – Ben Cottam and Kazuhiro Yamamoto
AP Calculus BC – George Zhao
AP Statistics – Allen Chen
Discrete Mathematics – Jane Li
College Algebra – Drew Goldsberry
US Math Olympiad Perfect Score/USAJMO Winner — Nguyen Le

Science Department Awards – Outstanding Academic Achievement

Physical Science – Yaxin Lan, Avery Zentner, and Kai Allen
Biology – Chloe Jeon, Kayla Xu, Sadie Hart, Ami Konoike, and David Cottam
Chemistry – Kira Riches and Gary Li
Physics – Trang Nguyen, Tenzin Norzom, and Jackson Lee
Ecology – Gabi Wackford-Muñoz and Johnny Foster
Human Anatomy and Physiology – Christina Perea
AP Biology – Hengjian Jane Li and Stella Roth
AP Chemistry – Nguyen Le
AP Physics – John Kim and Grace Kim


World Language Department Awards Outstanding Academic Achievement

Spanish I – Camilla Taysi and Preston Condie
Spanish II – Avery Wade and Corbin Zentner
Spanish III – Ben Cottam and Emily Tarino
Spanish IV – Riley Whitworth
AP Spanish – Stella Roth
Mandarin I – Micah Inglish
Mandarin II – Olivia Jesse
Mandarin III – Jake Quackenbush
Mandarin IV – Lucas Roth
French I – Alex Delbecq
French II – Karuna Loftin and Mady Sissoko
French III – Danny Puig
French IV – Josip Vrankic and Raica Kwizera

ESL Department Awards 

Most improved in Academic Topics I: Mariana Zanelatto Minotto and Bochen Qian
Most outstanding Academic Topics I: Yaxin Lan and Emanuely de Oliveira
Most improved in Academic Topics II: Kazuhiro Yamamoto
Most outstanding Academic Topics II: Shihan Kayla Xu
Most improved in ESL Reading: Mady Sissoko and Kenshin Miyajima
Most outstanding ESL Reading student: Emanuely de Oliviera and Kenshin Miyajima
Most improved in ESL Listening: Yu-Kai Vic Huang and Mariana Zanelatto Minotto
Most outstanding ESL Listening student: Bernardo Da Silva and Ismael Diarra


Technology Department Awards Outstanding Academic Achievement

Computer Science I – Sera Savas
Computer Science II – Anthony Cobb
AP Computer Science – Zhuoxing Gary Li
3D Design/Video Game Design – Lee Wang
3D Animation – Allen Chen
Adobe Photoshop/Dreamweaver – George Jiang and Dallon Larsen
Adobe Illustrator/Flash – Caibree Cox
Digital Video/Film – Gabi Cheng, Will Jacobus, and Charles Kofford
Digital Audio – Michael Leonoff
Engineering – Ben Cottam and Namgyal Chonyi
Robotics – Alim Muratkazy
Rocketry – Shane Krohn


Learning Services Awards

Awarded to the Student for Most Improvement in persistence, commitment, and growth in understanding the structure of the English language

Ian Reed

Own Your Learning Award

Awarded to the male student and female student who have done the most to reach their full potential, to enhance their self-awareness and who are taking responsibility for themselves and for their successes in life.

Kento Kawabata and Camilla Taysi


John Philip Sousa Award [plaque]

Outstanding leadership and achievement in instrumental music

Brantly Green


Kinema Award [trophy cup]

Awarded to the senior who has contributed the most to Drama

Cade Davis

Keusseff Scholarship Award 

Awarded to a sophomore or junior who is of high moral character and who has demonstrated academic promise

Ben Cottam


The Chin Award 

Awarded to the senior who has done the most to develop his/her potential while at Wasatch Academy. This award was established by the Board of Trustees in honor of Don and Maye Chin whose kind, caring, and gentle spirits helped lead Wasatch Academy for 26 years

Stella Roth

Honors Scholar Awards 

Seniors with a majority of Honor/AP classes throughout their high school career along with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or above.

  1. Hung-Hsu “Allen” Chen
  2. Zhiling “Candice” Chen
  3. Tai-Jung “Ronald” Chiang
  4. Ruyan “Chu” Chu
  5. Siyuan “Spring” Fang
  6. John “Johnny” Foster
  7. Siyi “Rachel” Guan
  8. Christa Ishimwe
  9. Juvhon James
  10. Gyuri “Grace” Kim
  11. Hengjian “Jane” Li
  12. Zhuoxing “Gary” Li
  13. Anh Ha Nguyen
  14. Long Hoang Nguyen
  15. Trang Ha Nguyen
  16. Christina Perea
  17. Stella Roth
  18. Sera Savas
  19. Xingyu “Kevin” Sun


Academic Scholar Awards 

Seniors who have attended Wasatch Academy for at least 3 years who have a cumulative GPA of 3.6 and above.

  1. Jeff Baradziej
  2. Hung-Hsu “Allen” Chen
  3. Meng-Wei “Ray” Chen
  4. Zhiling “Candice” Chen
  5. Tai-Jung “Ronald” Chiang
  6. Ruyan “Chu” Chu
  7. Siyuan “Spring” Fang
  8. Siyi “Rachel” Guan
  9. Clarence Hecker
  10. Jason Hunt
  11. Christa Ishimwe
  12. Gyuri “Grace” Kim
  13. Zhouxing “Gary” Li
  14. Anh Ha Nguyen
  15. Long Hoang Nguyen
  16. Trang Ha Nguyen
  17. Christina Perea
  18. Eden Price
  19. Stella Roth
  20. Sydney Sackin
  21. Yuyang “Jessica” Song
  22. Khoa Quang Tran
  23. Ethan Varga
  24. Josip Vrankic
  25. Daulet “Nomad” Yelemessov

Honoris Gratia Awards

Awarded to seniors who have made significant contributions to Wasatch Academy in the areas of service and citizenship.

  1. Christa Ishimwe
  2. Christina Perea
  3. Stella Roth



Outstanding Students in Yearbook

Quinn Guterman and Danny Puig



Casual Awards:

Fall Sports 

Boys Volleyball 

MIP – Oliver Wood

MVP – Gabi Cheng

Girls Volleyball 

MIP –  McKaela Weston

MVP – Riley Whitworth

Cross Country

MIP – Brayden Butler

MVP – Sheilah Cheruiyot

Girls Tennis 

MIP – Sophia Hope

MVP – Clista Galecki

Boys Golf (Kurt Quackenbush)

MIP – Avery Wade

MVP – Michael Lin


Winter Sports 

Girls Basketball 

MIP – Tenzin Norzom and Riley Whitworth

MVP – Emanuely de Oliviera

Boys Basketball A-Team

MIP Team “A” – Avery Wade

MVP Team “A” – Suatcan “CJ” Kacmaz

Boys Junior Varsity Basketball Team 

MIP – Yu-Kai “Vic” Huang (GC), Mady Sissoko (CC)

MVP – Joseph Allen Loftin (GC), Bernardo Da Silva (CC)

Boys Varsity Basketball Team 

MIP – Damion Squire

MVP – Josip Vrankic


MIP – Grant Hopkins

MVP – Max Angerer

Swim Team


MIP – Emanuel Garcia Flores

MVP – Oliver Wood


MIP- Angelica Varillas

MVP- Clista Galecki


MIP – Autumn Snyder

MVP – JP Herrerias


Spring Sports 

Girls Soccer 

MVP – Quinn Guterman

MVP – Sophia Jessee

Boys Soccer 

MIP – Hai Trinh

MVP – Michael Leonoff

Track & Field 

MIP – Ashley Lagat

MVP – Brayden Butler

MVP – Sheilah Cheruiyot


MIP – Dylan Walter-Pinet

MVP- Patrick Clifford

Boys Tennis

MIP – Richard Culp

MVP – Dheven Duenwald

Girls Golf 

MIP – Jessica Song

MVP – Chloe Jeon


Equestrian Awards 

Most Improved Rider – Savannah Grote

Most Outstanding English Rider – Christina Perea

Most Outstanding Western Rider – MaKayla Brown


Aikido Awards 

Most Improved – Alex Clip

Best Leader – Logan Hooper


Physical Arts Awards 

Most Improved in Dance Technique – Ethan Lee

Outstanding Achievement in Dance Technique – Micah Inglish

Outstanding Dance Program Leader – Herby Fullmer

Outstanding Achievement in Yoga – Clarence Hecker and Camillya Taysi


Outdoors Awards 

Outdoorswoman – Kameliya Stancheva

Outdoorsman – Oliver Wood


Music Awards 

Piano – Miko Ding, Ben Cottam, and Charli Dill

Guitar – Kameliya Stancheva and Charles Kofford

Vocal Ensemble – Jackson Lee and Micah Inglish

Jazz Ensemble – Kolby Kozloff

Instrument Ensemble – Sam Wood

Chamber Music – Oliver Pan

Drums – Gabby Wackford and Brayden Butler

Orchestra – Samma Hannon (great teamwork, consistency in top effort)

String Ensemble – Ethan Lee (great teamwork and leadership) and Kai Allen (great consistency in effort and attitude)


Drama Awards

Outstanding Achievement in Comedy – Cade Davis

Outstanding Achievement in Acting – Sadie Hart

Best Newcomer in Comedy – Mae Gate

Best Newcomer in Acting – Ami Konoike

Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design/Makeup – Ami Konike

Outstanding Achievement in Set Design – Braeden Devall

Visual Arts Awards 

Ceramics  – Herby Fullmer, Ethan Varga, Lucas Roth, Kameliya Stancheva, Avery Zentner and Zane Rasmussen

Photography I – Lina Bosse

Photography II – Christa Ishimwe and Stella Roth

Photography III – Nikki Flowers and Paydan Bussey

Drawing – Amy Astion and Jake Quackenbush

Advanced Drawing – Jessica Song

Design – Lane Payson and Adia Wu

Advanced Design – Spring Fang

Printmaking – Logan Hooper and Savvy Grote

Advanced Printmaking – Spring Fang

Painting – Nikki Gate

Advanced Painting – Candice Chen

Most improved in Painting – Camilla Taysi



Parmley Cup 

Most coachable senior male & female athlete who has demonstrated excellence in citizenship

Female – Christa Ishimwe

Male – Mike Leonoff


Visel Cup 

Awarded to a senior male & female student for outstanding performance in a single sport

Female – Quinn Guterman

Male – Josip Vrankic


Best Female Athlete Award 

Best overall senior female athlete

Stella Roth


Ernest Brunger Athlete Award 

Presented to the best overall senior male athlete in Honor of Ernest Brunger, long time and revered coach at Wasatch Academy

Gabi Cheng


Dan Arnold Memorial Soccer Award 

Awarded to the soccer player who most emulates Dan’s competitive heart, inspirational play and motivational leadership

Ikkyu Fujii



Student League Awards 

The Student League Award is presented to the students who have contributed the most to further the interest of the school. This award is voted on by the student body to honor its leaders and best citizens.

Freshmen – Logan Hooper

Sophomores – Karuna Loftin

Juniors – Raica Kwizera, Lucas Roth, and Riley Whitworth

Seniors – Stella Roth


Headmaster Service Awards 

Recognized for contribution to community service

Freshmen – Lina Bosse

Sophomores – Karuna Loftin

Juniors – Ben Cottam and Raica Kwizera

Seniors – Christina Perea

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