Wasatch Academy says goodbye to the largest class in school history

As the largest graduating class in school history, Wasatch Academy sent 117 graduates into the world of college, work, and military service.

Wasatch Academy’s Class of 2018 was offered more than $2.5 million in scholarships and were accepted into 98 different universities around the world including University of California, Berkeley, International Fashion Academy Paris, University of Florida, and University of Sydney to name a few.

In 2018, students learned how to win and lose with grace and humility and what it means to serve their community. This class documented more than 4,100 hours of community service, were part of 21 state championship games, and won local, regional, and national fine and performing arts shows.  “I believe this class will do big things in the world and I know it will be attributed to the great foundations we were given here,” stated student speaker Sydney Sauer.

Wasatch Academy teaches life skills for students to carry for the rest of their days. The teachers didn’t just teach subjects; they serve as mentors who shape students into better people. “Wasatch’s Community has allowed me to connect with all ages and backgrounds. In the underclassmen, I find some of my best friends, teammates, and even role models. You are on your greatest journey yet and there is no better place to be for your coming of age,” said Sauer.

In looking to the future, student speaker David Liu reminds classmates, “Who you are or what you have achieved today, doesn’t depend on what you are doing today. It is the result of what you have done yesterday. And who you are going to be in the future, depends on what you are doing at this moment.”

Although their high school journey has come to an end, Sonita Alizadeh, commencement address speaker and graduating senior, reminded her peers to always keep dreaming: “I want you to believe in yourself and your dreams and know that you can make a difference in this world, maybe not today, not tomorrow, but soon. Changing the world is the hardest and it is a full-time job that will take your energy, your time, and sometimes make you feel like a loser because you will fail at times. That’s okay. You will get better. You will learn to stay stronger against your fears. You will learn to fight not only for yourself but for those who are not in a position to do so for themselves. This is how everyone’s lives improve, including your own. This is how the world begins to improve. So it is my wish that everyone is able to dream big dreams for their lives.”

The world, the United States, and local communities are ever changing, but Joseph Loftin, Wasatch Academy Head of School, feels confident that Wasatch Academy’s Class of 2018 is prepared for the challenges and changes ahead. “Graduating from a school that has a highly diverse student population has tremendous benefits,” stated Mr. Loftin.

“One thing I know for certain is that whatever corner of the world I find myself in, I will have Wasatch family near me, always willing to help,” stated student speaker Emma Kennedy.

The graduation ceremony concluded with the long-standing tradition of gathering in a circle on the quad and recognizing that everyone standing there belongs to the greater Wasatch Academy family. “Despite your vast differences, your unique talents, and individual ideas, you have found common ground in this community, a community that will continue to embrace and support you throughout your success and failures,” said Dr. J Dianne Brederson, Assistant Head of School for Academics. “Wherever you go, and wherever you land you will carry Wasatch Academy with you.”

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