Innovators. Artists. Intellectuals. How does Wasatch Academy’s experiential, educational philosophy fully prepare our graduates to become premier innovators, artists and leaders in a 21st century global society? Here’s a break down of our philosophy in action.

A Revolutionary Approach to Learning

An unparalleled, individualized teaching approach dominates our educational philosophy. At Wasatch Academy, teachers closely observe how your child learns and adjust their lessons and methods accordingly — not the other way around. Each of us learns differently, and all of our instructors are trained in educational philosophies and strategies that help students to reach their highest potential.


Study Indoors. Play Outside.

Drop that cliff snowboarding. Ride equestrian. Compete in rodeo. Rock climb on the weekends. The Wasatch Academy outdoor program builds character and leadership skills by feeding a sense of adventure and inspiring every student to take advantage of the world-famous ski resorts, mountains and national parks in Utah. Our outdoor experience complements classroom academics to provide a comprehensive, college preparatory education.


Expand Your Worldview

Share a room with a student from a different country. Try a foreign food during dinner. Celebrate Chinese New Year. Wasatch Academys co-ed, global campus hosts students from over 40 countries and 30 states. We have a tight-knit community that fully immerses students within a multi-cultural framework, preparing them for a “flat world” by including them within a diverse array of perspectives, languages, and cultures.


Embrace Love, Acceptance and Respect

Dignity, acceptance and mutual respect are the building blocks of the Wasatch Academy environment. Our nurturing community encourages every student to develop their unique voice at their own pace, surrounded by classmates and adults who care about them as individuals.

Sometimes seeing is believing. Don’t just take our word for it — schedule a campus tour to visit Wasatch Academy.