Global events affect us all, and it’s vital that students gain a global perspective and understanding in high school to prepare them for life in a global environment. So what happens when a tight-knit environment collides with a diverse community of students? The answer is Wasatch Academy.

Broaden Your Global Horizons

During their time at Wasatch Academy, each and every student will broaden his or her horizon while gaining a global perspective. From living and learning alongside students from different cultures and traditions, our students grow through academic challenges, new social dynamics and diversely unique environments.

Not only do students learn to value the differences between cultures and embrace common bonds, they acquire an enviable readiness for the “flat world” that awaits them.


Learn About Global Traditions

Celebrate Chinese New Year. Experience Ramadan. Learn about the March Equinox. Throughout the school year, students learn about the traditions of their peers, celebrate global holidays as one family and communally contribute to service projects that expand their understanding of the world.


Collaborate With Diverse Students

It’s not enough to learn about other cultures within the viewpoint of a textbook; it’s imperative to actually experience it. Our students also have the opportunity to collaborate with other students at partner schools in China, India, Ecuador and Germany on diverse, interesting projects such as comparing bird populations or building drones. Working with students from around the globe gives our students a unique approach to problem-solving, communication and teamwork.


Map Your World Course

At Wasatch Academy, each and every  student makes his or her own unique own way while influencing the paths of others — ultimately enabling them to seek out their own personal course anywhere in the world.