The students at Wasatch Academy embody many different backgrounds, experiences, and places throughout the world. Over 40 countries are represented in our highly diverse student body, which means that students who are studying science or the arts are doing so alongside fellow students who have vastly different cultural and personal experiences to draw from to enrich discussions and discoveries. Your child might have a roommate from South America, serve on a student leadership team with a fellow student from the Middle East, and have a doubles partner on the tennis team who is from Asia. These highly integrated multicultural and global experiences enrich every aspect of education and student experience at Wasatch Academy, making every day an opportunity to gain a more global perspective.

Serve and Study Abroad

For students who are wanting to dive a little deeper into the global experience, Wasatch Academy participates in service trips and student exchange programs around the world. Students can volunteer during spring break in locations such as Tanzania, Costa Rica, China, Vietnam, or Fiji, and experience service learning in its most practical forms. Students go on exchange programs to China, India, and other countries and they come to Wasatch Academy.  Also, on top of the many international youths who are diploma seeking students at Wasatch, we have a number of students who come for just a year as part of their own study abroad experience, which helps to further enrich Wasatch classrooms and provide students from around the world the opportunity to genuinely connect with one another.

Collaborate Across Countries

Wasatch Academy takes the global perspective of learning to another level in providing our students the opportunity to collaborate with their peers at partner schools around the world in China, India, Ecuador, and Germany on diverse, interesting projects that provide a more thorough insight into their studies. Activities like mapping bird populations or building robots through intercontinental collaboration provide a unique and enriched approach to problem-solving, communications, and teamwork.