Wasatch Academy not only has students from 40 countries, but it has partnerships and dual diploma programs with schools around the world. By collaborating with schools on almost every continent, our students not only expand their worldview but are exposed to new, non-traditional learning models around the globe.

Collaborate and Connect With Students Everywhere

Our educational partnerships with schools in countries such as China, Japan, India, Peru and Ecuador include dual diploma programs, teacher exchanges and student exchanges. We’re not just interested in broadening your worldview; we’re passionate about establishing connections around the globe for our students. During Spring Break, our students take service trips to Tanzania, Costa Rica, China, Vietnam and others. Our students also embark on trips to China, India and other countries to broaden their horizons.


Always Have a Place to Stay — Anywhere

Build drones with students in China or study plant chemistry with other high schools kids in Ecuador — whatever you decide to do, you’ll be making lifelong friends in unexpected places around the globe.

Dual Diploma Programs

Beijing National Day School

Beijing National Day School, Beijing China


Beginning in the fall of 2010 Beijing National Day School started a dual diploma program with Wasatch Academy. Students will receive a Wasatch Academy diploma after three years of successful completion of courses taught by faculty using Advanced Placement guidelines and teaching practices supported by Wasatch Academy. Beijing National Day School has a long history of success and is at the forefront of schools in China for promoting international exchange and advancing educational models.

  • The first class of graduates received Wasatch Academy diplomas in June, 2013.
  • Students at BNDS were spotlighted in the Summer 2013 edition of the Today Magazine.
  • Learn more about the BNDS Dual Diploma program or apply (Chinese students).
Kunshan High School

Kunshan High School, Kunshan China


We are excited to be partnered with Kunshan Senior High School of Jiangsu Province, China. A unique dual diploma program between Wasatch Academy and Kunshan Senior High School, offering eligible students an opportunity to study and receive articulated credits toward an American high school graduation diploma.

Wasatch Academy’s award winning academic curriculum provides meaningful learning experiences through student collaboration, problem solving, English oral and written communication engagement and the development of higher order thinking skills necessary to navigate today’s world.

Our academic program collaboration strives to work with the outstanding students of Kunshan Senior High School to provide an educational experience that meets the level of excellence for learning established by Wasatch Academy. With ongoing professional development, student and teacher exchanges, and intuitive program collaboration and implementation, this partnership is poised for longevity and success.

Nanjing Foreign Language School

Nanjing Foreign Language School, Nanjing China


Wasatch Academy started a dual diploma program at the Nanjing Foreign Language School in 2013, the fourth such program in China. The three-year program allows students to receive instruction in English as well as prepare for AP tests in math, science and other disciplines. The teachers all receive training at Wasatch Academy prior to the beginning of the school year as well as professional development seminars during the school year.

The Nanjing Foreign Language School is one of the oldest foreign language schools in China. It is generally considered to be the best high school in the Jiangsu province and one of the top schools in all of China.

Ruian High School

Ruian High School, Zhejiang China


On June 17, 2009, the Chinese Ministry of Education granted the very first license in the history of China for the joint cooperation of Wasatch Academy and Ruian High School. Through this cooperative effort Wasatch Academy is able to provide a dual diploma program to students at Ruian High School.

Students are finding great success with a curriculum that prepares them for Advanced Placement level courses taught by outstanding educators supported by Wasatch Academy and leading to a dual diploma for students that successfully complete three years of study in the program. Students from Ru’ian High School have also had the opportunity to visit Wasatch Academy for summer programs.

  • Learn more about Ru’ian High School.
  • Read a first-hand perspective on teaching at Ru’ian High School.
  • Wasatch Academy and Ru’ian High School officials sign a cooperative agreement.
  • Four teachers answered questions from the Sanpete Messenger about teaching in China.
  • The partnership is profiled in Admissions Quest.
Shishi School

Shishi School, Chengdu China


In the fall of 2012 Wasatch Academy started its third dual diploma program in China with the Shishi School in Chengdu.

Shishi, meaning “stone house,” refers to the original school building that founded this institution, sometime between 143 and 141 BC during the Han Dynasty. Wasatch Academy is proud to be partnered with such a storied institution in China.

As learners, Shishi students have embraced the Wasatch Academy approach, which encourages more collaborative problem-solving and student-teacher interaction. They love the small classes, even when they push the students to engage in a way that they have not experienced in much larger Chinese classrooms.

  • Shishi President Jian Tian and other school officials visited the Wasatch Academy campus in 2013.
  • Shishi President Jian Tian sat down for an interview during his visit.
The High School Affiliated to Xi'an Jiaotong University

The High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an China



Xi'an partner school

In collaboration with Ahead Education Group we are pleased to be partnered with The High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University.

With a nearly 100 year history and a record of attracting the top students within the province, The High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University is a top tier educational institution that fits in nicely with Wasatch Academy’s mission of preparing students for the challenges of living in the 21st century. With a strong relationship between both schools key administration, the stage has been set for a substantive long lasting partnership where the focus is on student development.

Officially kicking off in September 2014, the collaboration will assist students in developing higher order thinking skills, the ability to effectively work within peer groups, the increased confidence in owning ones education, and the ability to approach learning creatively.

We are excited to be partnered with this great school!

The High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University Jiangning Campus

The High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University

Jiangning Campus, Nanjing China



Nanjing Normal

We are pleased to collaborate with a second school in the city of Nanjing China. In addition to The Nanjing Foreign Language School we are excited to collaborate with The High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University.

Founded in 1902, The High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University has consistently performed in the top of its class. Recognized as one of the top 10 schools of basic education in all of China, The High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University has two beautiful campuses and a significant amount of local and national recognition. The school has been involved in international education since 1998, but just this past September (2014) added their first American program, Wasatch Academy Dual Diploma Program. With excellent administration, teachers and students, we look forward to celebrating the accomplishments this partnership will no doubt produce.

Shanghai Guanghua College, Pudong Campus

Shanghai Guanghua College, Pudong Campus, Shanghai China



Opened in September of 2015, Wasatch Academy is excited to have partnered with Shanghai Guanghua College-Pudong Campus.

Shanghai Guanghua College was founded on August 8th, 2008, a private higher education institution approved by Shanghai municipal education bureau. Shanghai Guanghua College aims at offering excellent international education services to Chinese students, helping to achieve their goal of entering prestigious universities abroad. In response to calls for global citizenship a collaboration with Wasatch Academy has been established to fit the characteristics of international education. The school advocates a “Student-Centered” philosophy and implements holistic education, aiming at cultivating and developing exceptional students.

Wasatch Academy is pleased to be providing pedagogical direction and instruction to produce future global leaders.

Guangdong Guangya High School 广东广雅中学

Our most recent collaboration is with Guangdong Guangya High School in bustling Guangzhou city. This collaboration is based on a “2+1” model where, during the first two years of study, Guangya students will remain at Guangya High School and receive a traditional Chinese education taught by some of the very best educators in China. That education will be supplemented with courses taught by a native English speaking teacher approved by Wasatch Academy. The Wasatch Academy courses will be oriented toward preparing students with the English language skills and critical thinking necessary to excel in academic pursuits in the United States. In students’ third and final year, they will attend the Wasatch Academy in Utah, where they will integrate into the local campus and spend one year living as an American student prior to heading off for college in the US.

Guangdong Guangya High School was founded in 1888. Its earliest predecessor was one of the Four Academies of the late Qing dynasty. ‘Guangya’ in Mandarin means ‘knowledgeability and integrity. Guangya High School continues to uphold these fundamental principles which have earned it its reputation across China as one of the finest schools in the country. Wasatch Academy is proud to collaborate with such an outstanding institution. We are looking forward to many years of helping students derive the very best of Chinese and US education and inspiring each individual to achieve his or her potential.

Exchanges & Collaborations

Welham Boy’s School

Welham Boy’s School, Dehra Dun India

After a successful visit to Dherdun, India, Joe Loftin was able to forge a mutually beneficial partnership with Welham Boys School, an outstanding preparatory boarding school founded in 1937. Since the creation of this partnership students and teachers have made multiple exchanges to advance the educational quality and experience of both schools. Students from Welham Boys School have been able to attend Wasatch Academy classes and a group of students from Wasatch Academy visited India where they enjoyed visiting the school and also assisted in a community service effort in a nearby village. The coming years will bring additional student exchanges for extended periods and group visits to both campuses.

Unidad Educativa Internacional Letort

Unidad Educativa Internacional Letort, Quito Ecuador

Wasatch Academy worked with the Letort School, located in Quito, Ecuador, to establish an agreement in 2010 to enhance global education for students and faculty. This agreement includes the support of students from Ecuador to study at Wasatch Academy and the potential of student and teacher exchanges.

In addition to these partnerships, Wasatch Academy is actively pursuing specific opportunities in North Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia in addition to other cities in China. We also hope to find additional partners in other regions of the world in the years ahead.

Colegio Altair

Colegio Altair, Lima Peru

Wasatch Academy foreign language students began collaborating with students at Colegio Altair in Lima, Peru, in the fall of 2013. The project began with Skype discussions between students at the two schools and a student-run Tumblr blog.

Altair Education Center is a private institution founded in 1995 with the aim of providing a bilingual education, modern and comprehensive. Through quality personalized education in an environment democratic, it seeks to meet the intellectual, physical, emotional and social needs of their students.

The College is located in a residential district of La Molina.

Facilities include an independent environment for students of Little Altair, a building for classrooms Infants, Primary School and Secondary School.

There are currently enrolled in the College about 800 students from the level of two years through 5th High School.

The school staff consists of 70 teachers, 10 psychologists, two specialists in learning a language therapist, education assistants, administrative and management staff, maintenance staff and security, among others. Standard hours of the College varies according to different levels and students can choose to participate in a variety of sports and cultural clubs that take place after school.

Hiroshima Kake

Hiroshima Kake, Hiroshima Japan

The educational exchange program between Wasatch Academy and Hiroshima Kake Educational Institution was established in November of 2012. This joint agreement was developed to promote international friendships, provide greater mutual educational opportunities, and to foster a deeper cultural understanding and respect between our two nations and institutions.

Exciting teacher and student exchange programs are in the works with ESL summer program opportunities available. Our educational cooperation stands to provide a unique developmental opportunity for both schools. We are excited to be consorted within this educational exchange and cooperation agreement.

Schools of The National Society of Agriculture

Schools of The National Society of Agriculture, Santiago Chile

(Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura)


The partnership to pursue cross-cultural educational opportunities between Wasatch Academy and National Society of Agriculture was established in December of 2014.

With the goal of student exchanges, cross cultural service learning trips, and the sharing of ideas to promote and foster global citizenship, we look forward to building a strong educational relationship. The society is involved with a network of over 20 schools that share an emphasis on agriculture and developing an appreciation and respect for land and animal management.