We’re just as dedicated to working hard as we are to celebrating the success of our hard work over the years. We’ve worked tirelessly to achieve the recognition and respect that we have — and we owe it all to our talented staff, faculty and students. Here’s a brief look at some of our awards, recognitions and successes.

Best of State: Seven Consecutive Years

For seven consecutive years, Wasatch Academy has won Best of State in Private Schools grades K-12, a coveted award in the field of academia with a difficult criteria. That’s not all, however; Wasatch Academy also holds Best of States awards for Principal, Recreational Coach and Educational Institution.


How Is Best of State Judged?

Being endowed with an academic Best of State award is no easy feat — but we’ve done it. Over 100 Best of State Judges examine each candidate/school individually and assess them according to their endeavors (both academic and non-academic), employment of innovative teaching methods and their contributions (volunteer work, etc.) to surrounding Utah communities.

This might seem like a tall order — in which we’d agree with you — but we’ve accomplished the impossible and proven the significance of Wasatch Academy year after year. Our creativity, passion for surrounding Utah communities and revolutionary teaching methods have crafted Wasatch Academy into one of the most uniquely innovative private boarding schools in the country.


Utah Heritage Foundation Recognition

In addition to receiving the prestigious Best of State award for seven consecutive years, Wasatch Academy has also been recognized and honored at the Utah Heritage Foundation Awards for its preservation of historic buildings.

Wasatch Academy received a Heritage Award for Adaptive Use for its renovation work with the First Presbyterian Church-turned Music Conservatory. This award is given to building owners, individuals and — in our case — private boarding schools who have shown a high level of dedication to historic restoration and preservation projects.


Accolades in Math and Athletics

Wasatch Academy’s awards and accolades aren’t limited to Best of State and Utah Heritage Foundation, however. Our competitive math team has taken home some of the top awards at the Snow College Math Tournament, ranking in as the first place team in Division 1.


Wasatch Students Named Athletes of the Year

Additionally, three of our students were also recently named Athletes of the Year. Jessica Rasmussen, Jackson Rowe and Koby McEwen were individually selected as Athletes of the Year in their respective sports — an impressive and spectacular accomplishment. Wasatch Academy students continue to win awards in soccer championships, state chess tournaments, language, ski and snowboarding, Model United Nations, equestrian program competitions, sports and much more.


A Huge Thanks to Our Faculty, Staff and Students

Private boarding schools are the ideal place to foster creativity, academic excellence and new opportunities for students. At Wasatch Academy, we know that we wouldn’t be anything without our dedicated faculty, staff, and talented students. The awards and accolades that we’ve won over the years are a reflection of the talent embedded throughout our campus community.