What is the application deadline?

A: Wasatch Academy has a rolling admission policy.

How soon will I know if I am accepted?

After we have received the completed online application, all three letters of recommendation, transcripts, and the visit/interview are done the Admissions Committee will meet and discuss your application. We will send a letter and if accepted and enrollment contract that can be signed online.

What about visa applications: (International Students)

Once you are accepted and have signed the enrollment contract and paid the $5,000 deposit, we will issue you an I-20 and send to your home. You will use this to apply for your F1 Student Visa.

Do you require SSAT, TOEFL, or any other testing as a part of the application?

We do not require the SSAT or TOEFL as a part of our application. We prefer to determine a students academic capacity based on previous academic performance, letters of recommendation, and the interview. If you have these test scores and would like to submit them we will be happy to include them in your application.

What if I get hungry at night?

Dinner is served in the Student Center from 5:30-6:30, but it is understood that a student’s appetite often extends later into the evening.
* Each dorm is therefore equipped with a full kitchen that is available to students according to a schedule determined by each dorm parent.
* Students will have off-campus shopping opportunities during which they can purchase food to be stored in their rooms or in the kitchen.
* Additionally, there are several fast food and delivery restaurants that the students will have access to – at the discretion of the dorm parent and other residential life faculty.

How do I get my own room?

Simply put, you don’t.  Wasatch Academy believes that part of the educational experience is social interaction and cooperative living.

Do I really need a laptop?

Yes. Each student is required to have a computer. Apple products are required for access to our network. All underclassmen are required to turn in the laptops and tablets at night to Dorm parents. This helps support a student’s healthy sleep patterns and management of oneself. We have a student network and Internet use policy that must be accepted before network access is allowed.

What if I am sick?

The Wellness Center on campus is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Sick call is from 8am-8:30am. Students check in with the nurses at that time if they are not feeling well. The nurse will take a student to the doctor, if needed. The nurses take care of students until 8pm when a student returns to their dorm room for the night. If the Wellness Center is not open, there is always a school nurse on call. Students can talk with their dorm parents about their illness. The dorm parents call the nurses when appropriate.

What do I wear?

Please see our dress code videos.

What does a typical day look like?

View the block schedule.

Is there storage?

Each dorm has a storage area. Space is limited so students may only store 5 boxes at the end of the year. Bedding, desk items and clothing are appropriate to store. Items of great value should be shipped home. Ski, snowboards, bikes etc. cannot be left at school.

Is there free time?

While a structured and disciplined use of time helps define a Wasatch education, we also understand the vital importance of personal free time. Students socialize with friends after classes. Skyping with parents and cleaning laundry are also popular during free time.

Are there in-dorm times?

Yes. Students are required to be in the dorms Monday-Thursday by 9:20 p.m., by 10:00 p.m. (10:30 p.m. for Seniors) Friday and Saturday, and by 9:20 p.m. again on Sundays. In addition to these set times, times will arise throughout the year necessitating in-dorm times; dorm parents and other residential life faculty will determine when these times are necessary.

Study hall hours at Wasatch are invaluably linked to the school’s educational philosophy and are therefore set and required for every student. Study hall time does not have to take place in the dorm, however, as students have supervised access to the school’s library and teachers’ classrooms.

When do I clean my laundry?

Each student has access to laundry facilities in every dorm. These facilities are provided according to a schedule determined by each dorm parent. Laundry fees are included in tuition. Laundry supplies can be purchased at the school book store or on one of the recreation trips.