It’s difficult to sum up Wasatch Academy’s academic philosophy in a couple of paragraphs; however, if we had to describe it in a few words or less, we might use phrases such as individualized attention, project-based learning models and small class sizes with personalized lesson plans. We’re dedicated to developing critical thinking, communication (written, spoken and digital), collaboration, creativity and innovation. While our students learn the content of each course they take, our teachers emphasize learning the skills named above as they are vital to success.

Individualized, Personalized Academic Plans

An education at Wasatch Academy means an academic plan that suits you. Between our highly attentive teachers, our small class sizes, our academic advisors, and our extracurricular coaches, every student that comes through our school receives an academic plan that best suits them. From the ways students learn best to the subjects they are most interested in, students at Wasatch Academy don’t just get an education. They get the education tailored to their interests and passions.

Equipping Students With Academic Self-Empowerment

No one ever wants to spend all their learning time staring at a sage on a stage in the front of the classroom. Wasatch doesn’t believe in this teaching method, but practices project-based learning in our curriculum. We believe that, by providing students with ample opportunities to take active creative control of their education, they develop a sense of self-empowerment that permeates every aspect of their lives. Our hands-on, engaging style of education lets students truly participate in learning concepts, and helps them learn critical skills for their future.

Map Your Academic Game Plan at Wasatch Academy

You know what you like. When students come to Wasatch Academy, they’re greeted with a plethora of academic options. Are you interested in computers and engineering? You can plan to enroll in a robotics class. Are you interested in linguistics or art or music or math, or history? Our advisors can help students create an academic plan that best suits their skills, interests, and goals through Wasatch Academy academics. This helps ensure that they get to make the most of their education and get prepared for college, career, and life.

Are you interested in a world-class education and the freedom to choose your own path? Check out more about our stellar academic programs, or schedule a visit to our campus and come see for yourself what makes our Utah boarding school stand out among the competition.