Advisory Program

The primary purpose of the Wasatch Academy Advisory Program is to cultivate a supportive learning environment through creating meaningful relationships between adults and students and to encourage an overall school culture of care and respect.

One of the most important ways Wasatch Academy develops relationships with parents is through the advisory program. The advisor acts as the primary link between the school and the family. As the advisor meets with each advisee twice a week in Homeroom, the advisor is responsible for helping their advisees navigate the Wasatch Academy learning community. The advisor addresses the academic, social, and emotional needs of their advisees during Homeroom meetings.

The support of each student’s parent is crucial to understanding the needs of the student in accomplishing their goals at Wasatch Academy and preparing them for success in college and in life. When we work together, we allow our students to realize their potential in and out of the classroom. Parents can expect initial communication from their child’s advisor once a week for the first month after the school year commences. Monthly communication on their child’s progress is provided throughout the remainder of the school year. Given the full schedules of our faculty, the preferred way to communicate with advisors is via e-mail.