Creativity and academics go hand-in-hand — which is why the arts are so important at Wasatch Academy.

Explore the Arts at Wasatch Academy

We welcome students who are passionate about the arts. Our inspirational Studio Arts Building is one of several of our Innovation Studios that provides a workshop space for students to feel right at home while they practice their craft. We provide in-depth courses, specialized equipment, and the personalized attention from instructors in our high school art program that allow our students to explore and grow in a wide range of creative pursuits, including:

  • Print Making
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Ceramics
  • Classic and Digital Photography

The integrative nature of our education style, classes, and Innovation Studios all encourage students to try new media or to dive deeper into their favorite pastimes.

The Right Tools to Help You Grow

The high ceilings, open windows, and steampunk-modern atmosphere of the Studio Arts Building serve to inspire students, but the Studio also houses a series of specialized resources for students. The ceramics room includes pottery wheels, glazes, and two on-site kilns to allow students to see firsthand how different glazes change under heat. Shape a human figurine to help with your sketch’s anatomy, or take advantage of the dark room to master the elements of great classic photography. From the facilities, to the teachers, we’re among the performing arts boarding schools where you’ll have access to great resources to help you grow. Whether you are a beginner or very experienced in art, you will get great instruction at Wasatch Academy.

Compete Year-Round in Art Shows

Our high school art program encourages students to participate in a variety of different art shows and competitions throughout the year that are local and regional—including the Utah All State High School Art Show at the Springville Museum of Art, where five of our students’ art work was accepted for the 2016 exhibition.