Preparing for college can seem daunting. Wasatch Academy is fully equipped to help your student find the right university that is the right fit for them, where they will be both successful and happy.  They will work one-on-one with one of our full-time college counseling team. We are committed to helping you and your child navigate the stress and confusion of the admissions process, as well as to help map a success plan for your student’s interests and goals.

College Counseling Guidelines:

  • Wasatch Academy’s college counselors take a personalized approach to best accommodate each student’s individual needs and strengths.
  • The counselors encourage students to search for schools that are the best fit for their academic and personal interests throughout the entire application process.
  • While there is no perfect way to prepare for the college, and because each student is a unique individual, the following path to college is recommended:
    • Create a résumé file, saving such items as report cards, diplomas, and certificates; a list of awards and honors received by the student; a list of all school and community activities in which the student participates; a list of offices they hold in these organizations; and a list of volunteer or paid jobs they held during this time. This file should be updated every semester.
    • Become involved in at least one extracurricular activity and, if possible, get really involved. As a student becomes a 10th, 11th, and 12th grader, they should try to take on a leadership role.
    • During the summer, students should take part in enrichment programs or special workshops, including camps for music, science, engineering, writing, filmmaking, theater, language, or any other area of interest. Students may also want to consider retaking a class in which they received grades they weren’t satisfied with, or take a new class in summer school.
    • If students have the time, getting a summer job or finding work as a volunteer in an area where their community needs help is a great option.
    • Over the summer of students’ junior and senior years, prepare for the SAT or ACT by reading books with testing tips and sample questions. Students can find these guides in bookstores, libraries, at the school, or online. There are also workshops available on how to prepare for college entrance exams.
    • Make time to visit a wide variety of college campuses with your child, especially during junior and senior years.

Seniors – 12th grade
Wasatch Academy seniors begin their academic year with several important decisions to make. Seniors meet regularly with their college counselors to ensure an organized and well-planned approach to the application process. Wasatch students cultivate deep, rich relationships with the faculty and staff of Wasatch. This assures that, by the time students reach their senior year, their teachers know each student on a deep level and are prepared to help them succeed.

  • As a result of meaningful student/teacher relationships, Wasatch faculty are able to write insightful and authentic recommendation letters on behalf of students.
  • Students strive for the best possible grades in all classes, and undertake at least two to three hours of homework every night.
  • Students should consider taking up to three AP classes this year.
  • The SAT is offered on campus in October, November, and December, providing easy access for students.
  • The ACT is offered locally in October and December.
  • International students have the opportunity to take the TOEFL multiple times during the first semester. Wasatch Academy is a certified TOEFL iBT testing site, so they won’t need to travel to do so.

Juniors – 11th grade
New and returning juniors get a breadth of perspective when they realize this is their last full year of school before they begin the college application process. The school places significant emphasis on helping students focus intensively on following their educational plan, expanding their personal interests, and honing the critical skills and habits necessary for college admission and success.

  • Students strive for the best possible grades in all classes, and complete at least two hours of homework every night. Grades are especially important in the junior year because this is the year that colleges will examine most closely.
  • Consider taking one or two AP classes this year.
  • Individualized college planning meetings begin in February and continue throughout the spring semester and senior year.
  • TOEFL, SAT, and ACT exams are offered to juniors in the spring semester.
  • All juniors will take the PSAT in October.

Sophomores – 10th grade
Students who join Wasatch Academy during their sophomore year focus on studying the most challenging academic subjects available to them. It is during this year that students are encouraged to develop the critical thinking and time management skills that are essential to academic success in the long term. Sophomores learn about who they are as individuals, acquire a sense of responsibility to themselves and others, and embark on the important path of becoming academically successful young adults.

  • If students are completing any courses that will prepare them for the SAT Subject Tests, they are encouraged to take the May exams.
  • Sophomores are also encouraged to consider taking the June ACT and SAT.
  • Sophomores have the opportunity to take the pre-ACT in October.
  • This year is ideal for getting involved in extracurricular activities.

Freshman – 9th grade
Students who enter Wasatch Academy as freshmen have a tremendous advantage in developing the academic and personal strategies needed for college admissions, as well as in preparation for meeting their specific long-term goals. Teachers and faculty advisors design a four-year schedule of academic classes and extracurricular activities specifically tailored to them. This empowers students to expand their minds while building an impressive and distinct high school transcript.

Responsibilities: Students/Parents/Counselors

Students are expected to do the following:

  • Do their best in their time at Wasatch Academy
  • Complete their online questionnaires for Teacher Recommenders and Counselors
  • Attend meetings with their counselor and respond to counselor emails
  • Keep informed via Family Connection
  • Register for standardized tests
  • Request teacher recommendations
  • Plan a productive summer (work, study, intern, camps, etc.)
  • Register with NCAA Clearinghouse for Division I and II athletics
  • Prepare Common Application for counselor review BEFORE senior year
  • Prepare a few drafts of possible college essays BEFORE the start of senior year
  • Register for fall standardized tests and SEND SCORES to colleges
  • Be aware of scholarship deadlines and requirements (many are as early as Dec.1)
  • Take advantage of visits to Wasatch by college admissions reps
  • Finalize “ACTIVE” applications list in Family Connections in mid/late fall of senior year
  • Submit their portion of each application including supplements (keep copies)
  • Pay application fees
  • Fill out student portion of FAFSA

Parents or Guardians are expected to do the following:

  • Communicate openly (and often) with their student
  • Maintain perspective. Your child is changing!
  • Let your child drive the college admission process
  • Facilitate college visits
  • Be aware of scholarship deadlines and requirements (many are as early as Dec.1)
  • Provide a credit card number to pay test and application fees
  • Submit financial aid information on time
  • CSS Profile is available after October 1 of senior year
  • FAFSA is available after October 1 of senior year

The College Counseling Team is expected to do the following:

  • Provide counsel, not placement
  • Assist in the development of a broad, preliminary college list
  • Submit supporting materials: transcripts, counselor evaluations, teacher recommendations, secondary school reports, and a Wasatch School profile
  • Advocate for the student
  • Visit colleges and admissions offices
  • Attend national, regional, and local conferences