Explore outdoors. Travel the world on international service trips. Be an environmental steward. Where does your passion lie?

Experiential Learning at Wasatch Academy

Different teaching styles help students learn in different ways. Some students absorb information best through seeing, others by doing. Our high school experiential learning curriculum helps integrate hands-on learning experiences throughout our programs through the following activities:

  • Outdoor learning
  • Service
  • International Trips
  • Environmental stewardship

Go on outdoor adventures while simultaneously learning about earth science, or participate in environmental stewardship through a service learning project while learning about sustainability. The possibilities for experiential learning in Utah are everywhere at Wasatch Academy.

Our Learning Goals: Essential Skills

What’s the purpose of experiential learning? Integrating exposure to the natural world through outdoor adventures, educational trips, and experiential education help shape students in a variety of ways that classroom time alone cannot. Our wide range of educational, personal growth, and adventure opportunities in the gorgeous outdoors of Utah and abroad empower our students with a 360-degree view of the environment, human systems, and cultures—but one of its primary benefits is how these learning opportunities develop essential skills such as critical thinking, creativity and innovation, collaboration, leadership, adaptability, communication, and curiosity.

Expanding Viewpoints Via Project-Based Learning

Experiential learning in Utah can involve a rock climbing trip to Arches National Park with classmates—but it starts with digging into the local community of Wasatch. Service projects, volunteer opportunities, and environmental stewardship learning possibilities in the community empower students to bridge the gap in their thinking between classroom concepts and real-world service. This project-based learning approach at Wasatch assists students to learn how to forge meaningful connections within the community, help them develop respect for the environment, and cultivate in them a greater awareness of how communities and the environment are interconnected. Through the process of reflection and synthesis, our students emerge from these diverse, project-based learning experiences as changed human beings.

Change Your Future Course Through Experiential Learning

When standing in a valley surrounded by rows of snowcapped mountains on the Wasatch campus, students quickly get a sense of how big the physical world is. The natural wonders of Wasatch, Utah national parks, and choice locations for international student trips, all help to cultivate a sense of awe and possibility within students about the world around them, within them, and beyond Wasatch. Therefore, our high school experiential learning opportunities provide more than just a mark on a checklist. They empower students by cultivating in them a sense of respect, appreciation, and responsibility for others and the natural world.

2018-19 Spring Break Trips

Colorado Plateau

Japan Tour

France & Spain Tour