Explore outdoors. Travel the world on international service trips. Be an environmental steward. Where does your passion lie?

At Wasatch Academy, we have four main categories that comprise our experiential learning program:

  • Outdoor learning
  • Service
  • International Trips
  • Environmental stewardship


Our Learning Goals: Collaboration, Leadership and Critical Thinking

What’s the purpose of experiential learning? Our program aims to provide students with opportunities to develop 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, adaptability, communication and increased curiosity about the surrounding world.


Expanding Viewpoints Via Project-Based Learning

Experiential learning begins with project-based learning — that is, it begins where stuffy, boring learning methods end. Wasatch Academy expands each and every students worldview via forging connections with the surrounding community, developing respect for the environment and increasing understanding of the world at large. Through the process of reflection and synthesis, our students emerge as changed human beings.


Change Your Future Course Through Experiential Learning

In the time that students are at Wasatch Academy, they’ll be surrounded by opportunities to take full advantage of the outdoors, including close proximity to national and state parks, the Wasatch Mountain range and the landscape of southern Utah. Students don’t merely go through the motions during experiential learning interactions — they change the course of their future by developing a sense of responsibility, respect and awe for the surrounding world.