College Counseling
  • Mitzi Austin
    Mitzi Austin
  • Jonelle Larsen
    Jonelle Larsen
  • Stefanie Whitworth
    Stefanie Whitworth
  • Cheryl Mietchen
    Cheryl Mietchen Learning Strategies Coordinator
  • Lanie Beckham
    Lanie Beckham
  • Alyssa Wolf
    Alyssa Wolf
  • Matt Duncan
    Matt Duncan
  • Courtney Cook
    Courtney Cook
English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Cheri Crosby
    Cheri Crosby Head of Department
  • Angela Christiansen
    Angela Christiansen
Experiential Education
  • Dave Heldreth
    Dave Heldreth Head of Department
  • Travis Madsen
    Travis Madsen Athletics Director
  • Ted Winkworth
    Ted Winkworth Head Snow Sports Coach
  • Todd Tree
    Todd Tree
Language Studies
  • Scott Butler
    Scott Butler
  • Amy Delbecq
    Amy Delbecq
Learning Services
  • Kara Loftin
    Kara Loftin Dean of Parent and Student Support Services
  • Cheryl Mietchen
    Cheryl Mietchen Learning Strategies Coordinator
  • Ellen Parker
    Ellen Parker Academic Coach Program Coordinator
  • Emma Chiappetta
    Emma Chiappetta
  • Zeb Engberg
    Zeb Engberg
  • Kari Varga
    Kari Varga
  • Nick Fowler
    Nick Fowler
8th Grade
Performing Arts
  • Matthew Schukis
    Matthew Schukis Head of Department
  • Kiera Ryckman
    Kiera Ryckman
Residential Life
  • Amie Mondragon
    Amie Mondragon Dorm Parent for The Zoe
  • Melissa Davis
    Melissa Davis Dorm Parent for Alice
  • Abbi Kennedy
    Abbi Kennedy Pierce Dorm Parent
  • Jeff McQuivey
    Jeff McQuivey Centennial Dorm Parent/Prefect Coordinator
  • Ryan Steere
    Ryan Steere Assistant Dorm Parent for Centennial
  • Ray Tuineau
    Ray Tuineau Dorm Parent for Sage
  • Ryan White
    Ryan White Assistant Dorm Parent for Sage
School Counseling
  • David Roth, PhD
    David Roth, PhD Head of Department
  • Peter Cossid
    Peter Cossid
  • Yong-Chan Kim
    Yong-Chan Kim
  • Kirt Wackford, PhD
    Kirt Wackford, PhD
Social Studies
  • Sandra Friedman
    Sandra Friedman

    University of Windsor, 2008 B.Sc. Honours Geology University of Windsor, 2009 B. Ed.  J/I Geography

    Sandra Friedman grew up in Southern Ontario, Canada where she developed a love for science and nature. She completed her honours degree in Geology in 2008.  While at school, she developed a love for education while teaching at a summer camp in New York and serving as a Girl Guide Leader and went on to get her Education degree in Geography.

    Sandra teaches Model United Nations (MUN), as well as serving as the faculty advisor for the MUN team.  She loves learning about the world and world events and hopes to pass that love on to her students.  She also teaches ACT and SAT prep, and is the testing coordinator for the school.

    Her passions include spending time with her husband and two small boys, crafting, gardening, reading, and enjoying the natural beauty of Utah.  She can often be found staring at rocks and playing in the dirt.

  • Brandon Hartley
    Brandon Hartley Head of Department
  • Luke Austin
    Luke Austin
  • Jason Friedman, PhD
    Jason Friedman, PhD
  • Beth Thompson
    Beth Thompson
  • Kurt Quackenbush
    Kurt Quackenbush 3D Animation Instructor
  • Frank Moody
    Frank Moody Computer Science Instructor
Visual Arts
  • Laura Prenot
    Laura Prenot Head of Department
  • Holly Hooper
    Holly Hooper
  • Coke Whitworth
    Coke Whitworth Photography Instructor
List of Deans
  • Dr. J Dianne Brederson
    Dr. J Dianne Brederson Dean of Academics
  • Jamaal Brown
    Jamaal Brown Assistant Dean of Students/Assistant Boys Basketball Coach
  • Ty Kennedy
    Ty Kennedy Dean of Residential Life/Dean of Boys/Boys Basketball Director