We recognize that every student who joins the Wasatch family is different. Their learning styles and needs, passions and interests, and knack for certain subjects are distinct from their peers. We also celebrate the diversity of culture, thought, and personal background of each of the students that join our school. That’s why our approach to teaching is so focused on the individual needs of every student, adapting learning styles and subject matter to best suit each student. We don’t make it a competition, but instead focus on maximizing the potential that exists within every Wasatch Academy student. It’s a learning philosophy that our students love and embrace, for themselves and for their peers. No other boarding school provides as much individualized attention and care as Wasatch Academy.

Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is a highly important part of our education style at Wasatch Academy. It is more engaging for students.  It allows them to learn concepts and then actively apply them, diversifying the overall learning experience as well as the arsenal of skills that students develop. It provides a more hands-on, collaborative approach to learning and problem solving, which we believe builds important real-world communication skills in students for their future beyond the classroom. Although we understand the rigors of college entrance exams, we recognize that learning isn’t only measurable by test scores. That’s why Wasatch teachers don’t only teach to the test, although there are plenty of tests to be taken. We use assessments to help our students see where they are in their understanding and go forward in gaining the understanding to demonstrate proficiency. Our educators also seek to instill true growth and comprehension in each individual student. Whether pupils are still perfecting their reading skills or they’re preparing for the Ivy Leagues, our project-based learning philosophy helps maximize their potential.

Cross Disciplines, Integrative Solutions

It is a common occurrence for student projects to cross disciplines and spread across multiple classrooms. A history project may require some instruction from a film teacher on how to use a camera for an interviewing project. Or, an English course may take up a study on the relationship between dance and poetry, and collaborate with the dance department on a project. Just as humans are all connected, so are ideas, and we do our best to allow for collaborations and cross-curricular approaches when applicable, so that students can get the fullest sense of a particular subject matter, and see its relationship to other disciplines. The real world is not in silos and we help students understand the inter-connectedness of subjects.

Examples of Excellence

The faculty and staff of Wasatch Academy are an integral part of what sets our educational experience apart. They love working specifically with high school students to facilitate growth and learning, but it’s more than that. Wasatch teachers, dorm parents, and coaches all genuinely care about the wellbeing of every student and want to help them grow. Our staff sets an example of excellence in character as well as intelligence, and provides a model for students to follow of treating all people with dignity, respect, and kindness.  We only hire teachers and staff that love to be with high school students.  Too many teachers love history or biology, but don’t always love students.  Our teachers love both and want to make a difference in young people’s lives.  Wasatch Academy gives more individualized attention and care than other boarding schools.

Wasatch Academy’s educational philosophies and practices are truly unlike anywhere else. We believe that if you visit our campus, speak with our teachers, and get a taste of this diverse campus and its integrative learning philosophy, you will see for yourself that Wasatch Academy is unlike any other school.