Most parents know that students don’t thrive in a stifling classroom environment that neither fosters individuality, creativity or innovation; however, what if there was a solution to this dilemma? At Wasatch Academy, our learning philosophy is centered around project-based learning to encourage students to acquire a deeper, more thorough knowledge of not only their immediately surrounding world, but the global world as well. We work with students to not only acquire and understand knowledge, but to develop the lifelong skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creative innovation, leadership and character.

The Foundation of Project-Based Learning

A project-based learning environment integrates both knowing and doing. The result? Our students don’t just memorize formulas and solve equations — they actively use and apply them. There’s a difference between calculating the incline of a hill on paper and then actually applying it during an outdoors, mountain biking excursion. It’s not enough to simply memorize facts, data and statistics — it’s critical that students learn how to apply them.


Solve Problems — and Apply Them

We encourage our students to explore in great depths challenging concepts while widening their knowledge base. This philosophy guarantees that our students leave Wasatch Academy with not only the ability to solve complicated problems with a pen and paper, but with the ability to apply them to future endeavors.


An Individualized Educational Philosophy

Each and every student that walks through the campus of Wasatch Academy has a unique worldview, belief system and background. It’s ill-advised to attempt to force each and every student to fit into the same educational philosophy — so we don’t. Instead, we deliver a personalized, individualized educational approach to each and every student to ensure that every student’s academic needs are met.

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” method that works — or ever will work. We’re not anchored to an archaic educational philosophy; we’re anchored to meeting each individual student’s academic needs.