Leaving home and coming to a new town can be intimidating for some students — but at Wasatch Academy, every student feels at home within our residential dorm program. Thanks to the extended care by full-time dorm parents, each and every student quickly feels at ease within our comfortable, clean and home-life living environment on campus. By the way, 95% of boarding schools have faculty live in their dorms as dorm parents to save money.

No Helicopter Parenting — Just Dorm Parents Who Care

Our dorm parents work hard to prepare each of our students for college while simultaneously providing students with opportunities while developing their personal, social and academic strengths. Our live-in dorm parents don’t hover over students, however; on the contrary, they allow for just enough freedom (under supervision) for teenagers to develop independence and grow up while creating a healthy, happy community with a strong set of values and boundaries.


A Nurturing, Safe Campus Community

Our on-campus community is intimate. It’s nurturing. It’s a place where students can find their own unique passions and purpose while developing talents and forging lifelong friendships with students from around the globe.


The Biggest Benefits of Dorm Parents? Too Many to List

The benefits of live-in dorm parents are many, but some of the major ones include:

  • No student fades into the background — every student is known and cared for — they are never a number.
  • Dorm parents can easily asses a student’s progress on a regular basis: academically, socially, athletically and morally.
  • We all have bad days — dorm parents are there when students get homesick or have other problems.
  • 24/7 availability ensures that no student is left to fend for his or herself.
  • Educated, live-in dorm parents provide an exemplary lifestyle for students.
  • Our dorm parents aren’t like college RAs; our dorm parents personally care about each student and know them well.
  • Being an adolescent in the 21st century is rough — we get it. Luckily, so do our dorm parents. They’re here for our students and the issues they face.
  • Dorm parents plan and deliver weekly curriculum Wednesday night to promote character, safety, growth and healthy interpersonal development
  • Wasatch Academy feels like home for students — thanks to our dorm parents who provide a safe, friendly atmosphere
The Alice Dorm

alice_dorrmitoryThe Alice Dorm has been inhabited by Wasatch girls for many years, and is currently home of 38 Sophomore and Junior ladies. The dorm has been redone in recent years and each spacious room has two girls, and there are large bathrooms on each floor. There is a lounge complete with a TV, couches, exercise equipment, and a pool table. Down the hall from the lounge is a kitchen where girls can make cookies or a late night snack.

Ms. Melissa Davis is the popular dorm parent at Alice and she nurtures her girls through sound advice, example and genuine care.

Melissa Davis (Dorm Parent)

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Melissa (Mel) Davis born in Ontario Canada, earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Brigham Young University in 1991. Her minor was in Outdoor Recreation and in 2012 became certified as a Wilderness First Responder. Mel has been married to Roger Davis since Dec 28 1993. They have three sons Dax, Cade and Jak.

Mel has been working at Wasatch Academy since January 2001, during which time she has been a full time dorm parent. Other duties she has performed during that time has been: Assistant to the Dean of Students, Summer School Recreation Coordinator, and Assistant to the Recreation director during the regular school year.

Elin Brotherson (Relief Dorm Parent)

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I was raised on a dairy farm in a small town in central Utah. I have five sisters and one brother. I graduated with my associate degree form Snow College in 2003. While attending Snow College I met the man of my dreams and was married in 2004. Together we have raised three amazing children, Madison, Jace, and Kallee.

I have lived in Mount Pleasant for ten years. Although I have only worked at Wasatch Academy for five months, I can honestly say I LOVE IT! I love working with the students at Wasatch being a relief dorm parent. I love the diversity and personality that each girl brings into the Alice dorm.

Centennial Dorm

centennial_dormBuilt and named after Wasatch Academy’s 100th anniversary, this very spacious dorm currently houses 50 Junior boys. Featuring two large lounges and a large kitchen, this masculinely decorated dorm is two levels, with dorm rooms on one level and common spaces on the main level. Students typically gather around the beautiful fireplace as deer gaze outside the row of windows in the lounge. Mr. McQuivey is a very experienced Dorm Parent and shows great care for the students in his dorm. Ryan Steere, a Wasatch Academy alum, is the Assistant Dorm Parent.

Jeff McQuivey (Dorm Parent)

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Born and raised in Payson Utah, I graduated from Payson high school. I went to Barber school and owned a barbershop for 12 years. I am a certified Police Officer and have been since 1995. Having worked in Sage dorm for 7 years, I found a love for teaching adolescents. I left WA to be a school resource officer for the public school and a DARE officer, but missed the work I was able to accomplish here, so came back to WA to work currently the Centennial Houseparent. I have 3 daughters, all of whom attended WA. I enjoy camping, fishing, and spending time with family. I am currently pursuing a degree in Forensic Psychology.

Ryan Steere (Assistant Dorm Parent)

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I am from Sacramento, Ca. Graduated from WA in 2009, after spending my junior and senior year here. I spent a year at Whittier College then transferred to Sacramento City College. In my free time, I enjoy snowboard, scuba dive, golf, playing video games, and watching movies. I enjoy working in the dorm and providing the students with a safe, structured environment. I can definitely appreciate the importance of this now that I have graduated.

Darlington Dorm

darlington_hall_dorm.jpgBuilt in 1916, this beautiful and recently renovated dorm comfortably houses 24 Freshman boys. The warm and welcoming energy is felt instantly, as one walks through the front door. There are dorm rooms on each of the two levels, and a cozy lounge with couches, T.V., and large table for studying, on the first level. The kitchen and laundry room combination are found just off the lounge. Frequently seen are students utilizing the basketball court just outside the front door, and sitting under the large shaded trees out front.

Jennifer McIff (Dorm Parent) 

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I was born and raised in Mount Pleasant. I have always enjoyed living in this beautiful community. I have an amazing husband (Chris) and 5 beautiful children Kade, Ian, Olivia, Zac and Jake. Our family began our adventure at Wasatch Academy this year (’13) and love it! I am the dorm parent for Lincoln Dorm which is currently home to 9th and 10th grade girls.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Phoenix. At a very young age, beginning in elementary school, a friend and I started a business teaching peers and younger children gymnastics. I have served as an advocate for children with special educational needs progressing through the local elementary schools. My husband and I have been certified foster parents requiring extensive training in child behavior. I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, watching movies, interior decorating, and scrap booking.

Finks Dorm

http://www.wasatchacademy.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Finks_Drom.jpgThe oldest residence hall, built in 1913. Sophomore and Junior guys fill the 48 beds available among the 4 floors. Finks is an energetic dorm. The atmosphere of community is strong. The lounge and kitchen combination creates a “homey” feeling as students often enjoy food together at the kitchen table. There is a beautiful, covered, and very large porch welcoming those who enter the dorm, which is a great spot for BBQ’s, study groups, or just relaxing.

Frank Andrews (Dorm Parent) 

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This will be my third year at Wasatch Academy. I spent two years as the Assistant Dorm Parent in Finks Dorm. And this is my first year as a Head Dorm Parent in Finks. I Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Linfield College in Oregon. Prior to that I was a four-year student at Wasatch Academy, coming from Fairfield, California. I enjoy the outdoors, Science, and playing with my cute French bulldog, Zelda.

Lincoln Dorm

Lincoln_Dorm.jpgLincoln Hall Dormitory is a three story home originally built in 1892. It houses up to 14 boarding school girls (7th-10th grades). There are 9 dorm rooms with 2 big bathrooms, a 2nd floor common lounge and a large lounge on the first floor with a large television. There is a nice size kitchen with a table and chairs, stove, microwave, fridge/freezer, 2 washers and 2 dryers for the students use. Girls love living in Lincoln Hall Dormitory because it is cozy fostering strong bonds and long lasting friendships.

Casey Brinkley (Dorm Parent)

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Abbi Kennedy (Relief Dorm Parent)

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Abbi Kennedy moved to this beautiful valley when she was eleven years old, and she has been taking advantage of it ever since. Abbi is an enthusiast; she has a passion for just about everything: her friendships, her family, her mountainous  surroundings, and her job.

For Abbi, Wasatch Academy is more than just a job. She has been here since 1998, and has raised her family on this campus. She has worked in the transportation dept, and as a much-needed dorm-relief mother. Some students call her ‘Mom’ and others just talk to her as if she were their mother. She invites comfort with an authentic kindness, and for that, the students flock to her for respite. They respect and adore her. Although we don’t know from where her energy wells, there is a seemingly endless reservoir, and we all benefit from it.

Abbi earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education at Utah State. Along with keeping busy with Wasatch Academy endeavors, she stays plenty active with three kids:Emma (Freshman), Ethan (6th grade), and Audree (3rd grade). She also hikes, runs, practices yoga, and helps her friends with anything they need.

Sage Dorm

sage_hall_dorm.jpgThis boy’s dormitory was built in 1923, and has housed boys since. As our traditional senior boy’s dorm, this 3 story building is home away from home for 56 students. All dorm rooms are newly renovated with spacious layouts. The dorm lounge is a popular hang out for meaningful conversations, study groups, and relaxing.

Ray Tuineau (Dorm Parent)

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I was born and raised in SLC. I am Tongan, and the first generation in my family to attend college. I graduated from Granger High School, and found a love for education. As I further my education with a degree in Education, I would like to one day become a classroom teacher. My wife Juliet and I have 3 little boys, 3, 2, and 9 weeks. I love sports, especially rugby, and football. Spending time with family, friends, and camping are my hobbies. I am also an eagle scout.

Ryan White (Assistant Dorm Parent)

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I was born and raised in Spring City, Utah. I was raised on a farm and also had a successful lawn mowing business. Graduated from North Sanpete High School. Lived in Argentina for 2 years where I became fluent in Spanish, upon returning from Argentina studied at Snow College and graduated with an Associates Degree in Spanish. Furthered my education at Brigham Young University – Hawaii and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Communications. I enjoy anything outdoors (hiking, hunting, camping, backpacking, etc.)

The Zoe

The_Zoe.jpgThe Zoe Dormitory is home to 38 Senior girls and is the newest dorm on campus, dedicated in fall of 2012. This state of the art living space boasts a spacious lounge area replete with a fireplace, flat screen T.V. many couches a study area, and a lovely kitchen. The downstairs offers another lounge area with TV and couches as well as laundry room and storage. Girls in this dorm enjoy a ‘pod’ layout where clusters of rooms are grouped together with their own bathroom and study area.

Ms. Amie Mondragon has been the dorm parent to this age group of ladies for many years and does an excellent job of supporting the girls in all their endeavors while pushing them to become leaders of the school. She is assisted by Adah Bennion (class of ’07) who also lives in the dorm and is an excellent role model for the girls.

Amie Mondragon (Dorm Parent/Asst. Res Life Dean)

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Twelve years ago I began working for Wasatch Academy. Lucky for me, my passions for learning, helping others, and travel all came together in one. Currently, I am the Assistant Dean of Residential Life, the Zoe Dorm Parent, and Prefect Advisor. Empowering girls for preparation in the world is my main focus.

Originally from San Diego, California, I have spent most of my life in Utah. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Utah State University in Family, Consumer, and Human Development. I am also a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE). During my younger adult life, I earned an AS degree from Snow College, an AAS degree in Cosmetology at Salt Lake Community College, and a Certification for Nursing Assistant.

I have presented at State, National, and Global conferences on the following topics: Female Adolescent Body Image Research Project, Creating a Diverse Campus, and a Residential Faculty Curriculum.

My husband (Steve) and best friend of 18 years also works in the “helping others” field. Our oldest son (Avery) attends Wasatch Academy as a Junior, our middle son (Trevor) is in the eighth grade, with our youngest son (Ryder) in 1st grade. I like to say I have three sons and thirty eight daughters!

As a self proclaimed culture creature, I aspire to be a world traveler, having visited Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, Canada, and all over the United States. In my free time I enjoy reading, planning trips, organizing, cooking, and most recently, journaling.

Adah Bennion

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Advisory Program
The primary purpose for the Wasatch Academy Advisory Program is to cultivate a supportive learning environment through creating meaningful relationships between adults and students and to encourage an overall school culture of care and respect.

One of the most important ways Wasatch Academy develops relationships with parents is through the advisory program. The advisor acts as the primary link between the school and the family. As the advisor meets with each advisee twice a week in Homeroom, the advisor is responsible for helping their advisees navigate the Wasatch Academy learning community. The advisor addresses the academic, social, and emotional needs of their advisees during Homeroom meetings.

The support of each student’s parent is crucial to understanding the needs of the student in accomplishing their goals at Wasatch Academy and preparing them for success in college and in life. When we work together, we allow our students to realize their potential in and out of the classroom. Parents can expect initial communication from their child’s advisor once a week for the first month after the school year commences. Monthly communication on their child’s progress is provided throughout the remainder of the school year. Given the full schedules of our faculty, the preferred way to communicate with advisors is via e-mail.