Every single visitor to Wasatch Academy comments that there is a different feeling, a spirit that is hard to put into words when they step onto our campus. They all comment on the beautiful buildings and grounds surrounded by amazing mountains, but what they tell us is different is exactly what makes Wasatch Academy different from other boarding schools: the environment of respect, dignity, kindness, friendliness, helpfulness and where all students and adults treat each other so well. They feel at home. Almost every student that visits enrolls because of the unique atmosphere, as well as the remarkable facilities in the beautiful setting.

Why You Should Visit Wasatch Academy

It’s one thing to hear about our remarkable campus surrounded by the beautiful Wasatch Mountains and watch our students partake of the incredible programs on campus or in the midst of outdoor adventures in our promotional videos. But the experience is entirely different when you make a visit to our campus yourself. We believe that anyone who is genuinely interested in Wasatch Academy for their child will get a clear picture of who we are at Wasatch Academy, and whether or not we are the right fit, through a campus visit. Those that take the time to visit almost always find that Wasatch Academy is the right fit for their child because they see first hand how friendly students and faculty are, how excellent the academics are, how incredible the facilities are, and what a unique, life-changing experience Wasatch Academy will be for their child. They will especially see how their child will receive more individualized attention and care here than from any other boarding school in the United States.


Tour Campus with Student Ambassadors

Our student ambassadors will gladly guide you through your campus tour, and are a perfect resource for prospective students about student experiences, academics, and a wide range of other questions that relate to daily life at Wasatch. You can see the natural mountain range surrounding us, meet with faculty and students from around the world, and witness the warmth and genuineness of our diverse student body in action. During your visit, you can also observe classes, tour our dorms, and meet with coaches and teachers that are connected to a subject or extracurricular activity that interests your child.


Get a Taste of the Utah Wilderness

Even if you don’t plan to linger on our campus after the tours, Wasatch Academy is surrounded by so much gorgeous Utah wilderness that you are more than welcome to explore. You can include in your trip plans a detour to see the red rocks of Moab and Arches National Park or several other gorgeous nearby natural wonders. If you’d prefer to stick close to Wasatch Academy for the weekend, you can spend the rest of your day after a tour going golfing, camping, hiking, mountain biking, or rock climbing in the surrounding Sanpete Valley or in one of the nearby national parks.

The best way to discover if Wasatch Academy is the right fit is to come and experience it for yourself. Schedule a campus visit today to get started! You can call us at (435) 462-1400, or fill out the form below to get started.