Athletic Highlights from Spring 2017

Girls’ Soccer

The girls’ soccer team has advanced to the state championship as the #1 seed in the state. They won their first round with a 4-0 victory. The team has made 84 goals this season while only letting in 3 goals. They have had to use the mercy rule on multiple occasions to end games. The team is impressive across the board, with all the girls being dedicated players. If an opponent is not challenging enough, they will test their skills in a new position during the game. This allows for the goalies to rotate and have a chance to play on the field.

Boys’ Soccer

The boys’ soccer team played well in the state soccer tournament despite being eliminated during the first round. This hard-working team ended the season with a record of 8-2-4. Leading offensive player, Gabi Cheng scored an impressive 11 goals this season. On the defensive side of the field, Michael Leonoff had a shutout game against South Sevier.


The baseball team ended the season with a record of 3 – 9. They did an excellent job building up a strong arsenal of pitchers and competent fielders. The most impressive win in the last few weeks was against Layton Christian. The Tigers had a no-hitter thanks to pitcher, Ethan Varga.

Track and Field

he track team performed quite well last weekend at the BYU invitational meet. Sheilah, Purity, Ashley, and Brayden all ran personal best times this weekend. In particular, Sheilah Cheruiyot broke three schools records over the course of two days: 3200 meters (12:02); 1600 meters (5:31); 800 meters (2:31). Saturday, May 13th is the Region meet at the University of Utah.

Athletic Highlights from Spring 2017

Girls’ Golf

The girls’ golf team enjoyed participating in the region golf competition. The team has learned many great new golf skills throughout the season.

Wasatch Girls’ Golf Team

Boys’ Tennis

Last week in Moab the South Division of Boys 2A Tennis saw soaring temperatures and excellent tennis. The doubles teams got in some fine moments at regionals. We are proud to report that your Wasatch Academy Tigers have three qualifiers for the State Championship tourney this coming Saturday, 5/13  at Liberty Park Tennis Center in Salt Lake City! Congratulations to Dheven Duenwald, Ben Garwood, and Michael Lin.

Athletic Scores from Winter Semester 2017

Varsity Boys' Basketball

Date Opponent Score
11/21/16 Newbury Park 69-31(W)
11/22/16 Simi Valley 84-55(W)
11/23/16 El Camino Real 76-52(W)
11/25/16 Windward 64-75(L)
11/26/16 Beverly Hills 68-41(W)
11/30/16 Findlay Prep 65-76(L)
12/2/16 AcS 79-37(W)
12/3/16 Timpanogos 83-57(W)
12/8/16 Lone Peak 71-58(W)
12/9/16 Wakefield 75-64(W)
12/10/16 Timpview 97-76(W)
12/13/16 Layton 85-57(W)
12/17/16 Marshall 80-25(W)
12/19/16 Saugus 74-41(W)
12/20/16 Crescenta Valley 65-43(W)
12/21/1 Village Christian 68-54(W)
1/7/17 Manti 97-44(W)
1/13/17 Commonwealth Academy 65-50(W)
1/15/17 IMG Academy 51-61(L)
1/20/17 Impact Academy 99-53(W)
1/21/17 Impact Academy 97-48(W)
1/28/17 Chino Hills 80-106(L)
1/30/17 Academy of Sport Science  77-41(W)
2/4/17 Layton Christian Academy  65-52(W)
2/10/17 Kearns  104-58(W)
2/14/17 Jordan  101-44(W)
2/28/17 Impact Academy  87-55(W)
3/30/17 La Lumiere  52-64(L)

For the second year in a row, the varsity boys’ basketball team is proud to be selected to compete in the Dick’s Sporting Goods National Tournament. The first game is/was March 30th. It is an honor to compete with such high caliber teams and clearly demonstrates the team’s’ talent to be a part of the tournament.

Varsity Boys' Basketball Team

Varsity Girls' Basketball

Date Opponent Score
11/29/16 Gunnison Valley 93-42(W)
12/6/16 Providence Hall 70-50(W)
12/7/16 Green River 78-40(W)
12/9/16 Grantsville 67-55(W)
1/17/17 Waterford 48-32(W)
1/19/17 Rowland Hall 71-30 (W)
1/24/17 Layton Christian Academy 62-41(W)
1/26/17 American Prep Academy 81-35(W)
1/27/17 Rockwell 65-12(W)
1/31/17 Layton Christian Academy  54-56(L)
2/2/17 Rockwell 72-39(W)
2/3/17 American Prep Academy  77-20(W)
2/7/17 Waterford  70-33(W)
2/9/17 Rowland Hall  70-33(W)
2/17/17 State Basketball Tournament  57-58(L)

Swim Team Highlights

As a team our swimmers dropped 46.13 seconds off their times at the state meet. Clista and Oliver brought home two medals each for their individual events. Despite the small size of the team by comparison to other teams at the meet the team held their own impressively well. Great season team!


Snowsports Highlights

This year two students have been invited to compete at nationals. Congratulations and good luck to Max Angerer and Carla Karch Brosa! Max placed 9th in the nation in the junior men division and Carla placed 6th in junior women division.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 1.42.35 PM

Boys’ Basketball A-Team

The team is a great defense minded team with a record of 13-2.


Boys’ Basketball JV Team

This is a new team at Wasatch Academy. The boys are learning to play together and off to a great start this season.