This Is the Place: America’s Rodeo High School

Do you own more cowboy boots than you can possibly wear in one lifetime? Is your ringtone a Kenny Chesney song (and although you might not admit it, probably your your alarm clock, too)? Good — we’ve got the perfect place for you. Rodeo riders and lovers unite, because the Wasatch Academy rodeo program is going strong and looking for talented beginner, intermediate and experienced riders to join our expertly-coached team.


Rodeo Six Days a Week? It’s Not Too Good to Be True

Your goal might be to some day earn a college rodeo scholarship or become skilled enough to compete at the highest level of college rodeo — or, you might just want to compete for the love of the sport. At Wasatch Academy, we’ve orchestrated our rodeo program to reflect your rodeo dreams, which is why we allow students to practice up to five days a week and rodeo on the weekends.

Yup, you read right: Our rodeo program allows students to practice every day after school six days a week. That’s not all, however; you’ll also be eligible to compete in 24 high school rodeo and jackpot events we attend.

Rope, Ride and Race in the Winter

Isn’t Utah cold in the winter? Absolutely — however, our indoor, heated arena allows you to rope, ride and race whenever you want during the cold weather months. Our outdoor arena is also perfectly suited for warm summer weather; we provide the calves, goats, barrels and everything else needed for a professional rodeo environment.

The basics of our rodeo program include:

  • Practice in both cattle and non-cattle events
  • Travel to rodeo events
  • Clinic participation with expert rodeo champions
  • Practice in our covered arena
  • No rough stock


Mingle With a Diverse Student Body

Being on a team is about more than competing, however; it’s about working hard, forging friendships and developing lifelong skills. At Wasatch Academy, our tight-knit environment incorporates cowboys, cowgirls and competitive sports players to create a singular, diverse melting pot of community.


One Student Body, 40 Different Countries

Our student body represents students from over 40 different countries and 30 different states — there’s no such thing as a clique at Wasatch Academy. This means that you’ll ride, rope and race with other rodeo students, share a dorm with someone from another country and study with students from all over the world. You’ll be perpetually inspired, motivated and most of all, accepted by those around you.



Rodeo, Ride, Study. Repeat.

It’s not always easy trying to balance your dreams of becoming a rodeo star while studying for a high school chemistry test — we get it. At Wasatch Academy, we merge the best of both worlds to ensure that you get a top-notch education while fulfilling your dreams of becoming a professional rodeo rider. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your education to become a rodeo star — or vice versa. At Wasatch Academy, you’ll excel academically while practicing daily and competing in the event you love.


The Rodeo High School of Your Dreams Is Waiting

Experience the comfort of small class sizes, individualized attention and amazing indoor and outdoor rodeo all under one roof. Schedule a visit to Wasatch Academy to see our beautiful arenas, meet our rodeo coaches and experience our diverse campus. The rodeo school of your dreams is waiting — schedule a visit with us today.