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Dedicated to the development of skiers and snowboarders of all abilities, the Wasatch Academy Ski and Snowboard Program focuses on producing top-level athletes of good character with high academic standing. This nationally ranked program trains on Wasatch Academy’s private snowboard park and mountain featuring wall rides, a cabin quarter-pipe, as well as rails and boxes. Additionally, it is home to the first private snowboard cross racecourse for a North American academy. We have features from beginner to expert and our qualified and dedicated snowboard and ski coaches will guide you toward your personal goals.

Wasatch Academy snow sports provides an exciting, fun and safe learning environment. Wasatch Academy coaching of snowboard and skiing progression and technique offers both competitive and development training. Snow Sports Team members pledge to act with courtesy, dignity and good sportsmanship at all team events and functions. Team members acknowledge they are ambassadors for both the team and Wasatch Academy.

Ski/Snowboard Competition Team
Front Row (l to r): Colter Tate, Tyler Schlopy, Teagan Ahlers, Jana Alajbeg, Elias Mueller, Hannah Schneider, Colleen White, Grayson Juhlin, Miiles Reavis, Coach Lauren Brown
Back Row (l to r): Will Scully, Coach Ted Winkworth, Will Jacobus, Tim Connolly, Camilo Gomez, Elena Thorner, Sarah Thoma
Ski/Snowboard Development Team
Front Row (l to r): Charbel Obeid, Tristan Ingalz, Alex Stanton, Coach Lauren Brown, Nugget
Back Row (l to r): Jack Felke, Coach Ted Winkworth, Robbe Genyn, Dylan McGowen, Logan Scully, Alex Frost, John Wright, Jared Beguelin