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The boys’ and girls’ soccer teams at Wasatch Academy are an opportunity for students of all levels of experience to grow in their love of the game, whether they’re set on earning a soccer scholarship for college or they just want to continue pursuing their love of this global sport.

Our program enhances technical skills and tactical and strategic game knowledge for students, and challenges them through conditioning and experience for high school-level soccer. The soccer training program at Wasatch Academy works hard to address the following areas of development:

  • Fundamental/technical skills
  • Tactical knowledge and playing ability
  • Game strategies
  • Athleticism; e.g., strength, endurance, balance, coordination, and speed
  • Game psychology and nutrition

It is in mastering these skills and in gaining a deeper understanding of the game that students are prepared for the varsity and junior varsity teams at Wasatch, and can also help those students succeed who strive to play at the college level.


  • Wasatch Academy Girls Soccer — 2016 State Champions
  • Wasatch Academy Girls Soccer — 2017 State Champions