Students who have been hitting the courts all their lives or who’ve never picked up a racket are all welcome on Wasatch Academy’s 2A tennis team. We welcome boys and girls of all experience levels to join our teams and grow in their skill and experience with the sport. We begin our pre-season training for girls in late August, culminating in regional and state championships in October. For boys, the pre-season begins in late February, culminating in regional and state competitions in May.

Our tennis complex has four courts and can accommodate up to sixteen players per meet. Both the varsity and junior varsity teams play three singles and two doubles match for each regional meet, for a total of seventeen players per squad. The team typically travels to compete in 6-7 away matches and tournaments, as well as hosting 5-6 home matches and tournaments on the Wasatch Academy campus. The new Wasatch Academy Recreational Center will provide space for tennis players to practice indoors during the winter or with inclement weather.

2017 Girls Varsity Tennis Team

(Top left to right) Coach David Roth, Emma Kennedy, Ademi Muratkazy, Holly Crosby, Clista Galecki, Raica Kwizera, Sophia Jessee, Karolina Willberg, Nil Sipal, Renee Theobeaux,
(Bottom left to right) Kira Riches, Tenzin Norzom, An Nguyen, Tenzin Dhesel, Winnie Li


David Roth, Beth Thompson – Email David