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Boarding Schools for High School Students

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Films and television shows often give people a skewed view of boarding schools. This vision may leave some parents scratching their heads and wondering, why would any parent send their high school student to a boarding school? There are a variety of reasons why more parents are choosing the top-notch education and experience that only a boarding school can provide. At the top of the list is the unbeatable education students receive, but this post will detail that and other reasons modern parents are choosing boarding schools for high school students.

Students Choose

In many instances, parents aren’t the ones longing to send their children to boarding schools. Instead, many students are choosing to find adventure and more competitive learning opportunities on their own. They stumble upon a boarding school website or brochure that offers the options they crave, and parents quickly determine that their student’s desire to attend boarding school is a smart move for the future.

Unparalleled Education

Learning a Foreign Language

Not every child learns the same way, but public schools and even many private schools are rooted in teaching students in a one-size fits all way. It works well for some, but for other students, public high schools and traditional private high schools can’t reach them and get those students excited about education. That may be because the student is gifted or ahead of his or her classmates, or that may be because the student learns differently than their peers. Some students require a competitive program to really stretch and grow. Others need a more personal focus to ensure their academic success. No matter what the reason, those students aren’t getting the education they deserve in order to thrive in the more traditional setting.

Still other students have a deep need to learn things that aren’t taught in every school. That may be a particular foreign language, a more advanced physics class, or even the ability to compete in equestrian events–a competitive offering not often available in public or traditional private day school settings. If you’re the parent of a student thirsting for specific knowledge or opportunities, boarding schools with learning support and unusual activities can provide the answer.

Boarding schools get to know students on a very personal and full-time level. Educators get to know students not only in the classroom, but in their daily lives as well. This extra time with their students allows these boarding school educators to offer a holistic and individualistic approach to a student’s learning.


Study Session

Students follow a very stringent schedule. Every school is different, but a typical day at a boarding school may look a bit like this: A full school day, followed by later afternoon specialized extracurricular activities in arts or athletics, followed by dinner and then it’s off to an evening study hall to finish homework.

According to the Association of Boarding Schools, boarding school students spend 17 hours per week doing homework, versus 8 or 9 hours for public and private school students. Boarding school students spend 12 hours per week on music learning versus 9 hours for public and private school students. Boarding school students spend an hour more per week reading than their public and private school counterparts, and 12 hours per week on athletics versus 9 hours for public and private school students. Boarding school students only spend about 3 hours per week watching television.

This structure just doesn’t allow time for boarding school students to get in trouble, and the intense focus and schedule keeps boarding school students interested, engaged, and learning, learning, learning! It may seem labor intensive, but it’s important to remember that boarding school students are doing this work alongside their peers, which typically means they’re having fun while they’re working and learning.

Future Success

Successful Student

The primary reason students and parents choose boarding schools is to prepare for the future. Many boarding schools are geared towards preparing students to compete for spots in the best colleges. Compared to public and day private school students, boarding school students are much more likely to earn advanced degrees, according to the Association of Boarding Schools. Half of boarding school students go on to earn advanced degrees compared to only 36 percent of their peers who attend private day schools and 21 percent of public high school students.

There are a variety of reasons parents choose to send their children to boarding schools. Choosing a school that will specifically cater to your child’s individual needs is chief among them. Add to that competitive academics and athletics, unparalleled opportunities, and future preparation, and it’s no surprise so many parents are choosing boarding schools today!

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