Chinese Partner Schools Visit Mount Pleasant

Looking to expand its educational influence, Wasatch Academy partners with 11 schools in China to provide a dual diploma program for Chinese students. Students at those schools can spend three years learning from an American teacher who teaches the Wasatch Academy curriculum in English. In January, Wasatch Academy welcomed two separate groups of students from partner schools to be immersed in the American and Wasatch Academy campus culture. The first group, ten sophomores, are from Guangya High School in Guangzhou, and the second group, also ten students, is from Shishi High School, which has operated continuously for over 2,000 years in Chengdu, China.

Coming to Wasatch Academy gives Chinese students a chance to deepen their understanding of global citizenship and exposes them and the Wasatch Academy students to each other’s cultures, interests, and what makes them unique as individual young men and women. “We really value these cultural and academic collaborations that have been developed over the years. While these students time here is short, the experience is very meaningful,” says Graham Jesse, Director of Global Initiatives.

The goal of the program is to introduce Chinese students to American culture through English immersion study and by visiting a variety of places in Utah. This program makes Chinese students better qualified to enroll in US universities and to succeed in professional careers. Simultaneously, the program gives Wasatch Academy’s American and international students a chance to build relationships that foster collaborative thinking and prepare them for working in global markets.

“Students today are growing up in a society where they will be working with, studying with, and competing with people from all over the world, not just in their immediate communities let alone their own countries. We provide an educational experience that prepares them for that reality,” said Joseph Loftin, Wasatch Academy Head of School.

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