Classroom happenings: Learning Prefixes

Teaching prefixes and suffixes is an important part of building better readers. Students who learn prefixes and use that knowledge become more proficient in language arts. Students recently explored the use of prefixes and their meanings through the creation of Quizlets. Students were asked to create a Quizlet for the meanings of 24 different prefixes and put them into a format that could be studied.

Students learned prefixes like sub-, extra-, inter-, etc. and that there are three different instances where a- can be used, all meaning different things.

The biggest challenge for one student was making sure she had all of the definitions correct and had the simplest definition for each prefix. It took a little while to actually make the Quizlet because students were invited to make their quizzes in a way that would support them in retaining the information for the upcoming summative test.

It was expressed how satisfying it was to be able to make the Quizlet the way that worked best for them.The exercise allowed students to not only improve their writing skills but identify words by looking at the prefix, and use their new knowledge of what it means to figure out the word. A skill that will be very helpful in the future both in and outside of school.

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