Experience Wasatch Academy’s Outdoor Program

Adventure is waiting at Wasatch Academy. We provide a wide variety of outdoor activities and programs that allow students to take risks in the fresh mountain air, push their limits on the slopes, and discover the daring inside of themselves to climb to new heights. Our campus and the surrounding landscape provides the rich sights and terrain for students with an outdoor adventure interest to explore, grow, and have some serious fun.


Spend Some Time Outdoors

Options have appeal. Wasatch Academy’s high school outdoor program allows students weekend access to world-class ski resorts like Snowbird and Park City. For the weekdays, snowboarders and skiers can hit the slopes after class at our own campus ski hill to sharpen their skills. It is just 20 minutes from campus. The breathtaking Maple Canyon is just 20 minutes from campus and provides rock climbing routes suitable for all levels of experience. Students can also hike the local outdoor trails throughout the area, or take on the terrain with some mountain biking. If horses are your passion, then we have some good news: Wasatch Academy provides boarding options, riding lessons, and indoor and outdoor arenas for those serious competitors to train. There’s a reason we’re known as America’s Rodeo High School.

Relax Via Outdoor Adventure Trips

Sometimes, you just need to take a break. Moab, Utah, is one of many prime locations where students travel for weekend trips and fresh experiences. It’s known as the mountain biking capital of the world and provides incredible red canyon views and Native American petroglyph markers that are perfect for rock climbing and exploring. Yearly, our students come here to practice rappelling off one of the red rock arches in Moab’s Arches National Park. They also go rafting in the Colorado River, hike the plateaus and tunnels of Zion National Park, and enjoy the occasional campfire with s’mores in the great outdoors. This means a whole host of opportunities to try new things. If you want to get a taste of some of the most breathtaking Utah outdoor adventures, all while getting a world-class education, then consider Wasatch your next step.

All-School Trips Year Round

We believe in tradition. Wasatch Academy makes a yearly all-school hike to the top of a nearby mountain where students can get a bird’s eye view of the valley below and Wasatch’s campus. This hike serves as a symbol for goal setting for the coming academic year, helping students start the year off right—and this is just the first week. All-school and grade-specific school trips are made throughout the year for a combination of education, personal enrichment, and epic outdoor adventure in Utah.