Why International Students Should Attend a Summer Program

The sun creeps over the horizon to wake the Earth from hibernation once again. Students of boarding high schools are antsy to get outdoors as the last vestiges of snow melt. The countdown until summer break has everyone waiting to begin the next adventure.

Instead of allowing yourself to fall into the routine of a wasted break, you can get a jump on your next semester, plus have loads of fun outdoor activities, by taking part in Wasatch Academy’s summer program. Students from around the world can give themselves an opportunity to get acclimated to our institution before making the full year commitment.

Why Study in the U.S.?

It doesn’t take a straight A student from the top boarding high schools to tell you that the benefits of a Wasatch Academy summer program are unmatched. You get to gain your first experiences of independence as you step outside of the home that you were raised in.

A summer program at Wasatch can be your first introduction to American culture, from rodeo to the arts program. This will be a judgment free time to become more proficient in English, and learn something new every day.

Attending a summer program at Wasatch Academy can be what gives you the leg up on your competition when applying for college. With the small class sizes, you’ll find that you can get individualized help from your teachers and progress at a fast pace.

What You Can Do at Wasatch Academy

If you have had a hard time fitting in at boarding high schools up to this point, Wasatch Academy’s summer program can be exactly what you need to discover who you are as a student. This is the time of year where you can learn what makes you thrive academically.

With opportunities for learning activities and plenty of outdoor adventures, you’ll forget that you’re even at school during our summer program.

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