International Students Get Involved in Community

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While most of the students and faculty of Wasatch Academy used spring break as an opportunity to take advantage of some much-needed rest or to do some sightseeing, three of Wasatch Academy’s international students, Shihan Xu(Kayla), Bochen Qian and Ziyi Xu(Jessica), took the initiative to stay behind and get involved in the community.

The students stayed in Salt Lake with Liya Hu, a member of the Wasatch Education Group, and her family in central Salt Lake.  They took up a variety of jobs to be of service to those in need.

The Midvale Elementary School, the Wentworth Senior House and Midvale Museum all benefited from these kind-hearted individuals who did everything from musical performances for the elderly at the Wentworth Senior House to entering the local library’s painting competition and taking home second place.

Each student returned from their break refreshed and fulfilled, ready to tackle the next part of their learning at Wasatch Academy.

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