The Second Semester Brings in Record Enrollment

Students from around the United States and the world have arrived on campus for the second semester of classes creating record-breaking enrollment for Wasatch Academy.  We welcomed 27 new students from 20 different states and five countries to create a total student body of 358 students from 35 states and 36 countries. Students come to Wasatch Academy because of the highly individualized educational approach, ability to make friends from all over the world, and the many activities and programs offered.

The increased enrollment has created a positive impact on campus offering a greater range of diversity. “We are adding teachers with diverse backgrounds to keep class sizes small. We have also opened up some homes as mini-dorms to support the increasing number of students,” said Brian McCauley, Assistant Head of School for Admissions and Marketing. “The School continues to work together to make sure that we provide outstanding programs for all students attending Wasatch Academy.”

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