Spring Arts Festival

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Wasatch Academy’s finest talent gathered together on May 11th to showcase their performing arts pieces. The Wasatch Academy Strings Ensemble played Vivaldi’s famous “Four Seasons”, selecting the Autumn and Spring concertos, all together, which amount to six different movements. They captivated the audience with the 17th-century masterpiece, receiving ample applause for their efforts.

Truly encompassing the diversity that defines Wasatch Academy, the show continued with performances in several different languages, styles, and presentations. Kira Riches and Braedon Devall stole the show with their phenomenal swing dancing, including multiple trick moves that bewitched all those watching. Their fluid teamwork spoke to hours of dedicated practice and a deep trust between friends that was underscored by the iconic song, “The Sound.”

Students wowed onlookers, coordinating large-scale groups such as the BTS Mic Drop K-Pop Group or the Black and Yellow Cover, done by over 10 people. The showcase lasted well into the night, keeping up a constant flow of entertainment for all involved.

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