Students go to India for water conservation efforts

With the growing concern about quality water impacting many communities, water issues have become of significant concern to many millennials. Almost more so than the continual battle over fossil fuels. Set to make a difference in the world, seven Wasatch Academy students and two administrators participated in an academic exchange program to the Kasiga School in Dehradun, India to teach on different topics involving water conservation and good sustainability practices.

Wasatch Academy students got to participate in the program based upon the quality of their research proposals addressing the themes of water conservation and sustainability. Once in India, students from The Kasiga School and Wasatch Academy exchanged their presentations and practices, giving way to new global perspectives on how different bioregions can approach sustainable practices. “This trip was transformative, in that students were able to cultivate deep connections, both personal and academic, and collaborate through experiential learning,” stated Dr. Joel Barnes, Wasatch Academy’s Director of Sustainability and Experiential Education.

Students now anxiously await students from Kasiga to come to Wasatch Academy in the fall of 2018 where they will explore the diverse Utah canyon landscapes. The group will likely participate in an educational tour of Glen Canyon Dam, visit the North Rim of Grand Canyon, and engage with guest speakers from the Navajo and Hopi Nations to share their views on water, water resource management, and sustainability. “After a week’s worth of expedition style learning, students from two very different cultures and societies gain important insights into their respective worldviews on how water connects us all,” said Barnes.

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