The Wasatch Academy Arts Program: A Collage of Different Disciplines

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As one of the state of Utah’s premier college prep boarding schools, Wasatch Academy offers its students a wealth of different educational opportunities. From AP classes to courses on foreign language and technology, Wasatch Academy has something for everyone. Where the institution really stands above other college prep boarding schools, however, is in regard to its arts program.

In an age where schools everywhere are cutting funding to the arts, our boarding school, nestled in the valley of Mt. Pleasant, Utah goes above and beyond. In addition to offering arts courses such as Drawing and Painting, Image Making and Ceramics, Wasatch Academy has recently finished renovations on a new state-of-the-art Studio Arts Building.

The Studio Arts Building stands as a testament to the art of design itself. With a plentiful array of windows and exposed steel, the building provides its artistically inclined apprentices with an aesthetically pleasing environment in which to work. The interior layout evokes a feeling of order among chaos, with printouts of art pieces artistically covering the building’s interior structure.

In the Studio Arts Building, Wasatch Academy students can study a multitude of different artistic disciplines, from traditional black and white photography to pottery, advanced sculpture and Japanese printmaking. Students can also learn about the digital arts, with courses such as Photoshop for the Arts, Digital Photography and 3-D Design Sculpture available to interested students.

In addition to time spent within the studio, art students at Wasatch Academy regularly compete in a number of different art shows and competitions. Wasatch Academy students compete against both other college prep boarding schools and public high schools. Recently, students presented artworks at the Spring Gallery Art Show, and participated in the Utah All State High School Art Show. Throughout the year, student artworks are displayed on the student art blog, entitled “Do Not Erase.”

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