The Wasatch Way: Why Our Core Values Matter for Students

wasatch values

Kindness. Dignity. Mutual respect. Acceptance. In a perfect world, students at both public schools and private boarding schools are submersed in an environment that’s intellectually stimulating, socially accepting and rooted in a sense of mutual respect for others.

At Wasatch Academy, we’ve dedicated a significant amount of time into enriching the student experience on campus by incorporating our core values into every aspect of campus life. Whether our students are rafting down the Green River or working together in a Robotics class, our core values are present: kindness, dignity, respect and acceptance.

Changing Student Lives Through Kindness and Respect

The famous American lawyer Robert Ingersoll once said, “We rise by lifting others.” Wasatch Academy knows from experience that our core values of kindness and mutual respect don’t just enrich student life at private boarding schools — they actually change it for the better. Research shows that students learn and perform better in environments where they feel comfortable and accepted by their peers. When students feel comfortable enough to ask questions, challenge the status quo and put themselves in the spotlight, they don’t just grow academically — they also build character.

We’ve Accomplished a Lot — but We Still Have a Lot to Learn

As humans living in the 21st century, we’ve accomplished a lot. We can capture images of galaxies 2.5 million light years away, cure once lethal diseases and FaceTime with friends who live 10,000 miles away. We can be on another continent in less than 24 hours, choose the eye color of our children and take road trips in 100 percent electric cars — but we still struggle with accepting others.

Accepting Others Is Key to Student Success

It seems as though acceptance is a concept that many people still struggle with; however, it’s one of the most vitally important keys to our future survival. At Wasatch Academy, we understand how the critical role of accepting others at private boarding schools can make or break a student’s future; for this reason, we have a no-tolerance approach to bullying, manipulation or belittling. We’re devoted to ensuring that our campus remains a hate-free zone that not only accepts the uniqueness of each and every student, but embraces it.

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